Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Pregnancy: A Pictorial

I love pregnant bellies of all shapes and sizes so naturally, I assumed everyone wanted to see MY belly at every phase! My pregnancy with Ethan was well documented! For those of you who love to compare to YOUR growth or who just like ogling pregnant bellies like I do...ENJOY.

It all starts with THIS:

And reality sinks in. We're having a baby! I snuck this picture in with a set of other pictures and sent them to my grandmother in Florida to announce our news. She was ecstatic!

10 weeks. This is definitely still when you can easily hide your belly. I chose not to (although this isn't a maternity top).

13 weeks (there's a shadow on the wall, there really wasn't much to see)

15 weeks (just a little bump!)

15 weeks, after cake and coffee at my 31st birthday party.

16 weeks

17 weeks (I loved my May baby shirt!)

17.5 weeks (Thanksgiving weekend). Still just kinda "mushy."

19 weeks. I was so happy to fill out maternity clothes for Christmas!

19 weeks, dolled up for a Christmas party.

19 weeks full length (in a non-maternity top), dressed up for my hubby's Christmas party.

HALF WAY MARK! I always think the fun really starts after twenty weeks. You know the gender, the baby is moving a lot and you look definitively pregnant. Love it!

22 weeks, finally getting round.

23 weeks (HA! Compare to the same top at 10 weeks!)

25 weeks (feeling and looking quite pregnant!)

26-ish weeks, Valentine's Day. This is one of my favorite phases: definitely pregnant but not yet huge.

26 weeks (without the shadow--well, except the shadow of Big Brother)

27 weeks. The last of the "small phase."

29 weeks. Definitely getting "out there!"

30 full length. Thirty weeks is, to me, when you start feeling really pregnant and getting uncomfortable.

30 weeks. Nice n' big!

30.5 weeks. When you can fill out ANY maternity top. Fun!

32 weeks. Large and in charge! Belly is nice and high.

34 weeks. Gotta love the classic, big preggo belly! This is a great phase of pregnancy for a baby shower!

Full term!! 37 weeks. Hooray!! Relieved to have "made it."

37 weeks, Easter Sunday. This is when finding clothes that fit becomes challenging.


38 weeks, 3 days. I took this picture because my belly seemed to have flattened out.

39 weeks. One word: HUGE! I got a lot of sideways looks at Target that day. No wonder!! Talk about looking like you're about to POP!

39 weeks bare. That's one ripe baby.

Four days past-due, Mother's Day weekend. Don't I look tiny?? He had definitely dropped already! And in case you're wondering, when I checked into the hospital two days later, I'd only gained a total of 12 pounds!

At the hospital, probably an hour before he was born.

My baby boy, born at 40 weeks and 6 days on May 12, 2009 weighing 8 lbs. 6 oz. and measuring 21".

For anyone who's curious, this is me, two weeks postpartum. I ain't gonna lie: it's easy to snap back when you only gain 12 pounds! BUT, it was a trade-off for having no appetite and feeling nauseated for the last several weeks of my pregnancy. I call it a "happy side effect."

Thanks for taking this pictoral journey with me!

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  1. Wow that is brilliant. I love how you have so many photo's of the progression. I am 15 weeks pregnant and am a bigger girl so not quite looking pregnant like you were. I look more like I have put chunkiness on but its worth it cuz I am super excited about my little bundle. Was a pleasure reading your post and looking at your pics.



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