My babies

I know, I babies aren't babies anymore.

These are my boys. Andrew is 10 and Ethan is 6. They're both a riot.

December 2015

Meet my boys.

Two babies born at 40 weeks and 6 days, both eight-plus pounds when they were born.

Two amazing stories about two very different boys.

Andrew (with brown hair and brown eyes like his mama) and... 

Ethan (with blond hair and blue eyes like his daddy).

This is Andrew, my first-born and my heart. November 26, 2005.

 (pictured below at age 10)

Andrew was a home-birth-turned-emergency-hospital-transfer (read Andrew's birth story HERE), slept in our bed for his first two years and nursed until he was almost three. He is musical, makes new friends everywhere he goes, loves to play Monopoly, has a sensitive heart and promises me that he'll live with me forever. He's a picky eater, loves making things with Legos and is built just like his mama. He'll probably be a professor when he grows up.

This is Ethan, our "redemption baby" and my soul. May 12, 2009.

{pictured below at age 6}

Ethan was conceived three months after my miscarriage.

To read my "trying to get pregnant" blog for Ethan (don't get too excited, it only took one try!), go to my Leap of Faith blog.

To read all about my pregnancy with Ethan, go to my Proudgrits is Preggers blog. You'll start with his newborn pictures and have to work backward. To start from the beginning, go to the first post, then you'll have to click "newer posts" at the bottom.

He was a by-the-book hospital birth, finally left our bed at age three and nursed for so long that I won't even admit it here. He is a solid, fearless fella who loves to play video games, ride his scooter, mimic whatever his brother does, play with Star Wars guys and draw pictures. He's a great eater, loves dinosaurs and looks just like his daddy. He is a constant reminder to me of God's goodness and grace.

They're not circumcised, are disciplined gently, are as different as can be, drive us crazy sometimes and bring us unfathomable joy.

Ya gotta love brothers.