Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fun Tools For While You Wait for Pregnancy News

I have been incredibly fortunate. I've gotten pregnant three times: the first pregnacny took about four real tries, the second was on the first try and the third was on the first try. So I haven't really had to endure much waiting. But the waiting is excrutiating!

I'm in that phase at the moment....so here are some fun things to do if you find yourself in that phase, too.

1. This is the "Pregnancy: Week Two" information, including 'getting pregnant' tips and cool information about implantation and what is happening in your body in the early days.

2. Naturally, you'll be on the look-out for signs of early pregnancy. Here's a list of ten common ones: Top Ten Pregnancy Symptoms.

3. DUE DATE CALCULATOR. This one allows you to plug in the first day of your last period OR your date of conception. I am assuming I ovulated on or around Oct. 26th, so if we're pregnant, I'd be due around July 20th. Here is the tool on Babycenter.com.

4. Here's the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart. Fun stuff, but probably about 50% accurate! :) It says that if I'm due July 20th, based on the day we likely conceived, I'd be having a GIRL. Heehee. I think it said a girl for Andrew's pregnancy, too, but we weren't sure whether we conceived Feb. 27 or more like March 1st, so who knows??

5. You'll be thinking about baby names, too. BehindTheName.com is a neat site to find out the origin and meaning of your favorite names.

Beyond that, I'm just trying to keep myself occupied so I can survive another week before taking a test!!!

What other tools do you have fun playing with while you wait??


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gulp. Here we go again!

How quickly things change!!

We are 'trying' now. Yikes.

We went back and forth for months and my fertile phase would come and go month after month...and my husband juuuust wasn't feeling it. Until this week.

This week has been a whirlwind of emotions and excitement. Drew accepted a promotion at work, I actually backed OFF on my writing business, my dear friend is dealing with symptoms related to her brain tumor surgery (again) and there were lost keys, a sprained ankle and other tense moments as well. Life stuff, y'know?
The stuff that makes you appreciate what you have, look forward to the future and re-evaluate what is really important in life.
In the midst of it all, my hubby and I just sort of looked at each other and went, "Eh, why not??" It's not like things are going to calm DOWN any time soon!

I did have to state my case, however:
1. I'm not getting any younger. I'll be 35 in November!
2. If it 'takes' on the first try, I could announce our news when my grandmother is here to visit in November. That happened with my first pregnancy and it was priceless.
3. We'd be due in July, BEFORE the major heat sets in and in a time of year that is UN-busy for us. 4. We know we want a third child (I think I've always known) and there will never be a 'perfect time,' so why not just roll the dice and see what we get!?!

Drew did make me promise that, when it 'takes,' I'll take a break from my businesses, side projects and ministries and focus on the boys, my health, our home and the new baby. I promised!

It was so precious....we were discussing baby names (why?!?) and the two boys kept asking questions about having a new baby. We got into a lively discussion. We voted. They're both in favor or another kid.

So....Drew and I talked. We got real. We argued some. We got emotional. Well, I got emotional. And ultimately, we are trusting God with the outcome and we just decided to 'go for it.'

We did, by the way, put in a request for a girl, IF that is in God's plan. We trust Him to give us exactly what we need, whether a boy or a girl. 

Now it's the part I hate: the waiting. At least my cycles are now 31 days long instead of 35-45 like they once were. The wait between fertile phases use to be excruciating, but waiting a month if we have to 'try' again isn't so bad.

I think I ovulated yesterday or today, so I'll be on the lookout for implantation spotting from around Nov. 3 to Nov. 6 (7-10 days after ovulation in general), then we will probably be able to take a test around Nov. 8, just after my grandmother arrives in town from Florida and before a BIG weekend of stressful events. That will be interesting!

Between now and then, that's about all I'll be able to think about!

But going from 'maybe someday' to 'trying' is a wonderful place to be.

Now we just hold out hope and see what God has for us!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Trying for a girl

My husband can't seem to get past it.

Everyone just assumes we want to.

I haven't been able to quiiiiiite let it go yet.

My extended family is still holding out hope.

My two sons are split on the topic.

What is it??


My mom is my best friend. I can imagine having a little "mini me." In fact, before Andrew was born, I could picture myself with anything other than a daughter!

{image from parentingpink.com}

I NEED someone to pass my jewelry, collectibles and treasures on to AND it would be VERY fun to teach a daughter everything I know about God, beauty, men and LIFE. I've always said that it would be cool to having the experience of raising both genders. 

But as I've already said, I WILL NOT go into a pregnancy in hopes of specifically getting a girl. I'm not even convinced that I WANT a girl! They are rumored to be more clingy, needy, emotional (well, that one is a fact), harder to raise and to cost more money. Plus, do I REALLY want the competition for attention?? I am very happy being the queen of the castle--I'm not sure I want a princess!

I am a self-proclaimed Fertility Nut. I bet I could increase our odds of having a girl. And if we decided that we really WANT a girl, and we asked God to help us out...I bet He'd be OK with it.

So the question still goes back to, "Do we want to have another child?" And if so, do we want to "try for a girl"?

My heart seems to be drawn to the idea of adding one more munchkin to our brood. Just not quite yet. I'd like to get my thyroid check and get into better shape and I'd like to help our family get into a better financial position. But...there's always next year.

I'll be looking into it. And thinking it over. And praying about it.

The story continues!