Trying for #3

{UPDATE! We finally got a + pregnancy test on January 8th, 2017 and our EDD is around September 14}

I believe strongly in the power of prayer, especially in the early days of pregnancy.

We have been TTC (Trying To Conceive) since October 26th, 2012.

God Knits will temporarily be a space where I chronicle our effort so you can join us--and pray for us--on our journey.

I will update this page regularly so you can keep track without getting lost in the content of the blog. The latest update is at the bottom.

  • TTC (Trying to Conceive) Cycle #1

Day 1:  October 10th, 2012

Day 17: October 26th Ovulation/peak day

Day 30: November 8 TEST DAY

Summary: Cycle days: 30   Luteal phase: 13 days   Peak day: 17

UPDATE! This cycle ended on November 8th and we are not pregnant. I had such an insane few days surrounding the end of this cycle that it was just a quick, "Eh, we'll try again soon anyway." We are at peace and all is well. God was very gracious throughout the entire process and we have total trust in His timing.

  • TTC Cycle #2

Day 1: November 9th                                 

Day 17: November 25th, Peak Day (ish)

Day 31: December 9th, TEST DAY

Summary: Cycle days: 31    Luteal phase: 14 days    Peak day: 17ish

UPDATE! This cycle ended on December 10th and we are not pregnant. We had some minor hiccups during this cycle so I'm actually a little relieved. We know that God withholds nothing good from us--so we trust that He has a better plan!

  • TTC Cycle #3

Day 1: December 10th

Day 17: December 26th, SUPER fertile!  Probable Peak Day.

Day 28: January 6th, negative $1 test. No spotting. Feeling crampy and a little nauseated.

Day 31: January 9th, TEST DAY

Summary: Cycle days: 30     Luteal phase: 13 days     Peak day: 17

UPDATE! This cycle ended on January 8th and we are not pregnant. There's no good reason why we wouldn't we just aren't! My due date would have been my dad's birthday. We are disappointed but we are still trusting in God's perfect timing! He is ever-faithful!
  • TTC Cycle #4 {Expected Due Date would be October 18th}
Day 1: January 9th, 2013

Day 16: January 24th, SUPER fertile.


Summary: Cycle days: 32     Luteal Phase: 13 days     Peak Day: 19
  • Cycle #5--NOT TTC (November due date range)
Summary: Cycle Days: 27    Luteal Phase: 13 days   Peak Day: 15

  • Cycle #6--NOT TTC (December due date range)
Summary: Cycle Days: 27   Luteal Phase: 11           Peak Day: 16

  • Cycle #7--NOT TTC (January due date range)
Summary: Cycle Days: 32     Luteal Phase: 13              Peak Day: 19

  • TTC Cycle #5 (#8 total) Expected Due Date would be February 11th
Day 1:  May 7

Day 14: May 21, Peak Day

Day 27: Not pregnant

UPDATE: We didn't decide to "try" until about CD 15, and concentrated our efforts on days 16-20, assuming a day 19 ovulation day. Oops! I don't usually ovulate so early, and never had truly fertile fluid. Doh! We're "trying" earlier for this cycle!

Summary: Cycle Days: 27     Luteal Phase: 13     Peak Day: 14

  • TTC Cycle #6 (#9 total) EDD would be March 12th 

Day 1:  June 2

Day 18: June 20, peak/ovulation day.

Day 26: June 27, light spotting.

UPDATE: Not pregnant. Again. Siiiiiggghhhh. We covered my entire fertile window, for the earlier AND later ovulation it's anyone's guess as it why it didn't "take." I'll admit--this cycle left me frustrated and sad.

Summary: Cycle Days: 26     Luteal Phase: 13     Peak Day: 13

  • TTC Cycle #7 (#10 total) EDD would be April 6th
Cycle day 1: June 28

Cycle day 19: peak/ovulation day

Cycle day 32: Not pregnant

UPDATE: Another cycle where we "did everything right" and it didn't take. I felt fine about it this time for whatever reason--maybe because it dragged on for so long!

Summary: Cycle days: 32     Luteal Phase: 13     Peak Day: 19

  • TTC Cycle #8 (#11 total) EDD would be May 10th
Cycle day 1: July 30

Cycle day 19: approximate ovulation/conception day

Cycle day 31: Not pregnant. Siiigghhh.

I was sad this morning. This just gets more and more discouraging as time goes on. BUT, I know that God's plan is best and He is ever-faithful!

Summary: Cycle days: 31     Luteal phase: 13     Peak Day: 19

  • TTC Cycle #9 (#12 total) EDD would be June 10th
Cycle day 1: August 30

Cycle day 19: peak day guesstimate

Cycle day 31: Not pregnant.

Summary:     Cycle days: 31     Luteal phase: 12     Peak Day: 19ish

  • TTC Cycle #10 (#13 total) EDD would be July 11th, my grandmother's birthday

Cycle day 1: September 30 (at least I'm consistent!)

Cycle lasted 30 days. VERY heavy period.

NOT PREGNANT, will update more ASAP.

  • TTC Cycle #11 (#14 total) EDD is August 10.
Cycle day 1: October 30 (wow, fourth month in a row with CD #1 being on the 30th!)

Day 19 ovulation.

Should have news in early December.

  • NOT TTC...Cycle #15 total (EDD would have been September)
Cycle day 1: November 29th

It's not sad or terrible or anything...we're just going to enjoy the holidays, get regrouped and see what 2014 holds!
  • NOT TTC...Cycle #16 total (EDD would have been October)
Cycle day 1: December 30th

  • NOT TTC...Cycle #17 total (EDD would have been November)
Cycle day 1: January 29th

****We took a break from TTC from January to August, 2014****


  • TTC # 12, (#24 total) EDD is June 13, 2015. 
Cycle day 1: September 6, 2014

Spotting on days 7-10ish.

*****We took a break from TTC from September, 2014 to March, 2015*****

UPDATE! Yes....we're TTC again!!! Drew has peace about it and we're ready to really give it a go.
  • TTC #13 (???? total) EDD is December 28, 2015 (the due date when we miscarried)
Cycle Day 1: March 23

Cycle was 32 days with a very mild period.

Fertile period: until about April 12

  • TTC #14 EDD is early February, 2016
Cycle Day 1: April 24

Cycle was 28 days with a mild period.

  • TTC #15 EDD is the end of February, 2016
Cycle Day 1: May 22

Cycle was 30 days. Normal period.

  • TTC #16 EDD early April, 2016
Cycle Day 1: June 21

Light spotting several times. Normal period.

  • TTC #17 EDD mid May 2016 (when we miscarried in 2008)
Cycle Day 1: July 28

I didn't ovulate until about CD 25. Feeling great!

Cycle ended up 36 days. Light period.

  • TTC #18 EDD mid June 2016
Cycle day 1: Sept. 2

Ovulated CD 22 ish.

  • TTC #19 EDD mid July 2016

Cycle day 1: October 10

Long cycle at 39 days! We used ovulation strips but never got a clear positive.

  • TTC #20 EDD August 2016

Cycle day 1: November 18

SHORT cycle, 27 days!! We weren't even thinking about TTC with all the November craziness, so there was no "trying."

  • TTC #21 EDD the end of September 2016
Cycle day 1: December 15

Not pregnant.

{{{ WE DIDN'T KEEP TRACK for January or February of 2016 }}}
  • TTC #22 EDD December 2016
Cycle day 1: March 13

Ordered a basal thermometer and hoping to make a real go of it this cycle!


The charting is going well!! We didn't even TTC this past cycle.

Will add more updates ASAP.

  • TTC #31 EDD September 14, 2017




  1. Hi there,
    A friend of mine sent me a link to your blog and thought I could relate. My husband and I are also trying for #3. This is month 24 for us. I miscarried my first baby in November 2006, and almost exactly a year later my son was born. My second was born in April of 2010, and we started trying for #3 in February of 2012. Miscarried again in October 2012, and again in April 2013. This has been a long, incredibly painful journey for us, but the good news is that we know that God has very good plans for us, and I know He has them for you. Keep leaning on Him, and I know you will be taken care of!

    1. Thank you so much for coming by, for sharing your story and for your encouragement! I will keep you in my prayers! It is always interesting to see how "God Knits!" :)


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