Monday, May 20, 2013

The 51/49 boy/girl issue

Most of us have heard the statistic that having a boy vs. a girl isn't exactly 50/50 but is actually 51% boy and 49% girl for any given pregnancy.

I have conversations fairly often on this topic and I always give them the synopsis of my own research (the Shettles method, adjusting the woman's pH balance, positions to use during intercourse, etc.) then end with, "It's probably just a 50/50 chance no matter what."

That goes for families with two or three of the same gender, too!

Turns out that I was probably right.

This is one of the more interesting studies I have seen about this topic from:

Some tidbits from the research:

  • The odds of having a girl seem to decrease after having each boy, but only very slightly. Even after 3 boys, you are only 6.4% more likely to have a 4th boy than a girl.

  • The odds of having a boy seem to increase after having girls, except after 2 girls, when a 3rd girl is more likely.

It looks like you are slightly more likely to have a boy, regardless of previous children. This is probably due to the overall 51/49 boy/girl birth ratio. This ratio, interestingly, varies slightly with birth order; it isn't consistent among first-borns, second-borns, etc.

Their conclusion:

The truth is, your odds stay pretty close to 50% for each child and only vary slightly. 

If you have had 2 or 3 boys, you are only about 2% to 6% more likely to have another boy. If you have had girls, you are slightly more likely to have a boy next.


For me, this means that, yes, there is a slightly (VERY slightly) higher chance of us having another boy this time around (just like ANY time around!)...but there IS a 73-75% chance that we will have a girl in our three-child mix! :) 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Are we "trying....?"

ARE we "trying" this cycle??


It's day 12 and I'd call my fluid "lotiony but on the rise." Historically, I've ovulated between day 16 and 19 so far this year. That's four to seven days from now so we're definitely "in range."

Fooling around this morning could do the trick! Whether we KEEP trying is a different question.

I've been reading pregnancy blogs this week, including my own. I definitely want to have another baby. I'd love to have a girl. So we're praying in that direction. The rest will be up to Drew!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Still Believing

Remember me mentioning "Don't Stop Believing" the last time around? First on December 9th and again on February 7th. Well, we're still deciding whether to "try" this cycle...or EVER!

And we're sitting at a local Chinese restaurant right by our neighborhood ON Mother's Day (my family along my parents) and it came on the radio in the restaurant.


 I just had to smile. I elbowed Drew and said, "That's The Song."

I don't think he gets it.

I guess we'll keep on believing--for whatever God has in store for us!


Monday, May 6, 2013

It's Never Too Early... start praying for a healthy baby!

I should be starting a new cycle at any moment--possibly the LAST cycle I have for the next two years!

No, Drew is not 100% sold on having another baby...but he knows I am not feeling "done" and he knows that time is ticking away!

The boys are both on board and will be AMAZING big brothers.

The cool thing is, if we "try" this cycle, we'd be
:: "trying" a good week before we leave for our 10-day trip to Florida
:: due in mid-February (a perfect month for us AND that would give us four months with the baby before Ethan started kindergarten)!
:: and we'd actually--get this--be taking the pregnancy test right smack dab in the middle of our trip!

We could TELL the whole family IN PERSON!!

I am considering Drew and I renewing our vows on the beach while we're there--just a short ceremony with the boys involved and cake afterward. But how fun would it be to add the "surprise" of a new baby to the occasion?!?!

I thought it would have been cool to have announced over Chistmas and that didn't work out, so...maybe this is the "better plan" I trusted God to have. 

I'm trusting in God's perfect timing!

Obviously I'm pretty excited.

I have cut back. I reconfigured my websites and my "offerings" to give me more flexibility, less pressure and more time to devote to the boys and the house. I'm telling people I'm cutting back and can't take on extra projects.

I'm already praying that God would allow this cycle to "clean me out" and prepare my body to conceive a healthy baby--and a girl if He's taking requests.

My main task is getting Drew completely on board.

As for me, I'm ready to get this party started!