Thursday, June 20, 2013

We Gave It Our Best Shot

We certainly made an effort to cover my fertile phase on this round!

I am counting yesterday, cycle day 18, as ovulation day. That means we can test on July 3rd. My new EDD (Estimated Due Date) is March 12. I like it! I have been six days overdue both times before, so realistically we're looking at March 18, right around St. Patrick's Day, and my FIL's birthday. Wouldn't Ryanne be such a cute name if it is?!?

I had an interesting moment yesterday, I actually envisioned Ethan holding the new baby. That was a first!I am preparing my heart for a new baby...maybe that will help my body prepare, too!

Now the Two Week Wait has begun.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Vacation Wrap-Up

We just returned from an 11-day road trip and vacation back to my home state of Florida. Being back on the beach was VERY good for me. There's nothing more relaxing than splashing in the waves, collecting shells and watching the sun set over the ocean. Aaahhhh.

Me on Jacksonville Beach, Florida. June 2013.
Me and the boys on my home turf!
So the news.

We left for our vacation with high hopes that we could announce our pregnancy news to the family when we renewed our vows on the beach. Instead, I was met with the start of a new cycle the day we arrived into town.

Good news? I didn't have to spend the entire trip wondering if I was pregnant. 

Bad news? We're not pregnant. 

Turns out I HAD ovulated earlier than normal, on about day 14, so my cycle ended up being 27 days long. We put most of our "trying" efforts in from about day 16-21, assuming a day 19 ovulation day. Oops. Naturally, my body would decide to be "normal" when we are trying to get pregnant!

I was sad for a day or so but mostly because we didn't get the drama of a "big announcement." That, and my vacation weight-gain can't be blamed on pregnancy. Dang.

Funny story...Andrew, our seven-year-old, spilled the beans during the dinner-time prayer at my grandmother's house when he prayed for "Mommy to have a baby girl." That got quite a reaction. So the fam knows we are "trying." That's actually a relief. I don't do well with secrets.

So....we'll try again. In the meantime, my nerves were definitely a little frayed on the trip, so I felt somewhat "on edge." That makes me think I could still use a blood work-up and that I'm probably a bit too stressed and my system is still on overload. I'm working on that. Again.

We're still trusting in God's perfect plan and we will continue to ask and keep asking.